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Kentucky Forestry Economic Impact Report 2013-2014

  Kentucky Forestry Economic Contribution Report 2016
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  Kentucky plays a pivotal role in providing forest products to the U.S. and beyond; the forestry  
  sector is a major economic force in the commonwealth. Estimates of the economic contribution and
  related 2016 statistics include:

   * $9 billion in direct economic contribution.
   * $14.4 billion in total economic contributions a 1% decrease over 2015.
   * 27,740 jobs in the forest industry and an estimated 60,225 jobs overall.
   * 722 facilities located in 110 of Kentucky's 120 counties, gaining 9 facilities since 2015.

Sawmills and secondary wood manufacturing were estimated to show increases in direct revenues in 2016; together they are responsible for $3.4 billion in direct revenues, an increase of over $500 million from 2015.

Sawlog production estimated at 746,000 board feet, down slightly compared to 2015, with growth still outpacing removals 2:1. Kentucky remains one of the leaders in hardwood sawlog production in the U.S.

Exports decreased slightly to $283 million, with barrels (new and used) and white oak lumber still the number 1 and 2 exports. Europe remains the top destination for our exports followed closely by Asia.

Hardwood sawlog delivered prices for most major species were mixed compared to 2015.

The closing of the Verso pulp and paper facility in Wickliffe resulted in a functional collapse of pulpwood markets in western KY which helps explain the decline of more than $20 million in the logging sector compared to 2015.


The Forest Industry - Southeast Kentucky

The Forest Industry - In Southeast Kentucky

The link above is a video produced by UK College of Agriculture, Dept. of Forestry.  This video highlights what happens to a tree from the woods to the final wood product.  Many KFIA members are interviewed during this video.  This is a very educational, informative video.

Scholarship Opportunities
William H. Steele Memorial Forestry Scholarship Fund  (click here for downloadable form)

The Kentucky Forest Industries Association (KFIA) sponsors the William H. Steele Memorial Forestry Scholarship Fund, which is made available to deserving individuals who hope to pursue a career in the forest products industry.  Interested persons can apply for $500 per semester if planning to enroll or already enrolled in a two or four year university forestry program.   A $600 scholarship is also available for qualified individuals to attend the NHLA Lumber Grading School in Memphis, TN.   

Qualified applicants must have a 2.5 grade point average if already enrolled in a forestry program and at least work one summer for a wood industry company.    

For more information on how to apply for the William H. Steele Memorial Forestry Scholarship contact Rick Goodin, KFIA Education Chairman at 270/692-2128 or the KFIA office at 502/695-3979.            

KFIA is a trade association dedicated to serving and promoting the forest products industry of Kentucky.  Founded in 1965, it has over 600 members in the areas of primary and secondary wood industry, supplier and service industries, wholesale, loggers and landowners.