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A Message from Tony Leanhart, KFIA Membership Chair

     The KFIA is one of the strongest associations in the region and there is no doubt our strength comes from membership.  We represent our industry with a commanding voice before our Legislature and work closely with many government agencies in Frankfort.  Also, our concerns are heard in Washington, DC with our involvement in the Hardwood Federation.

     Membership is the heartbeat of any association and your participation is especially appreciated as we endure these challenging economic times.

     There is no denying that our industry is a vital part of the Kentucky economy, and the Board of Directors and Officers of the KFIA have a passion to see that our industry is recognized for its value not only to this state, or this nation, but to the world which depends on the future growth of our Hardwood Forests.

     This Association creates and improves programs that affect our lives by responding to the concerns of our members.  On behalf of our Staff, the Board, and the Officers, let me express our sincere appreciation for your membership and support.  As we look forward to adding programs to better serve you and your livelihood, let me make one request, tell someone else.

     If we as an Association have touched your life-tell someone, a supplier, a customer, a logger whom you depend on.  Tell them who we are and how we can support them also.  Ask them to join.  Strength comes in size and numbers. When we speak to our public servants let us include you and those around you as those whom we represent.

     We pledge to provide leadership on all your issues and to take action in a calculated way to best serve you.

Thank you for your support.

Tony Leanhart, Northland Corporation 


The wood industry is a vital part of Kentucky's economy.  Join KFIA and help our industry to continue to grow.  It is an important time for the industry and association to provide an united voice for all interests.  Together we can promote the interests of everyone and enhance your business returns.  To join KFIA, please fill out the application.  Please call 502/695-3979 if you have any questions. 


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Bob Bauer, Executive Director
Michele Brewer, Staff Assistant