What is  Log a Load For Kids? 

Log a Load for Kids, now in its 27th year, uses trees- America’s green renewable resource to create miracles for sick and injured children.   It is a fund raising opportunity for loggers, the forest  industry community, and state forestry associations to work together to raise money for local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.  Log a Load has chapters in 27 states and has raised over $35 million nationally. 

One Hundred Percent of the money raised by Log A Load stays in Kentucky and benefits the Kentucky Children’s Hospital located in Lexington, KY.  Kentucky has contributed over $425,000 to the children’s hospital since the program started here in 1997.    

The Kentucky Log A Load For Kids Committee raises funds through direct contributions from loggers, various fund raisers held by mills and the Kentucky Forest Industries Association throughout the year and an annual silent auction at the Kentucky Wood Expo. 

What are contributions to Kentucky Log A Load used for?  

Funds contributed to Kentucky Log  A Load have been used for a variety  of projects at the hospital.  The program constructed two trees in the Treehouse Playroom and the Adolescent Lounge areas of the hospital.  The trees are used by recovering children and are a favorite.  The Log A Load for Kids program has also funded two research endowments – one for heart disease research and the other for health  education that will work to prevent childhood diseases that can be controlled through proper nutrition and exercise. These two endowments contributed $500,000 to the hospital upon completion.  Three wooden murals have also been donated that decorate areas of the hospital.  They depict forestry scenes and show the importance of the forest products industry.  Current money being raised through Log a Load is going specifically to a $200,000 pledge to renovate the Child Life Center that the children use for rehabilitation purposes and to get away from the hospital setting.  The area is being updated with a heavy emphasis on wood and educational features concerning the wood industry presence in Kentucky. 


What is the Children’s Miracle Network?  

The Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) is the dominant North American organization actively providing better health care to children.  170 CMN affiliated hospitals treat 14 million children across North America each year.  Each year, fundraising efforts by corporate sponsors, national  associations and community businesses culminate in a  nationally broadcast 21 hour “CDMN Champions” television special from Walt Disney World the weekend following Memorial Day, in which sports figures and other celebrities participate.  Children’s Miracle Network 4525 S 2300 East, Suite 202 Salt Lake City, Utah  84117 801/278-8900 www.cmn.org