BB&T Insurance Services is working and supporting KFIA and has put together an opportunity for members to save money on health insurance.  As a small business, you may think that health care coverage is unaffordable.  But thanks to the KFIA’s relationship with the Kentucky Association of Manufacturers (KAM), your company may be eligible for discounts on Anthem health plans if you have as little as two employees.

     Only you know which type of plan best fits your company. And only your employees know which doctor or hospital best fits their personal needs.  You’ll have your choice of plans from industry leading consumer driven health plans (HSAs, HRAs, HIAs,) to traditional PPOs, HMOs and point-of-service products.
     Employees have even more options with Anthem’s network.  There are over 14,000 primary care physicians and 49,000 specialists in the Midwest alone and employees are covered almost anywhere they travel – on business, on vacation – even if it’s out of network.  It’s all part of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association’s network called BlueCard.  That means members have access to more than 681,000 doctors and 5,800 countries.  Bottom line – everyone has the flexibility to make smart choices. 

     Benefits from Anthem’s new 360° Health® health and wellness programs, which combine cutting-edge innovation with access to high-quality individualized coordinated care.  360° Health® pulls all aspects of care coordination, health improvement and preventive care together into a centralized user-friendly resource to help keep your employees healthy and productive. 

     This is what can separate you from your competitors.  You can offer a full benefits package and take advantage of the administrative convenience of working with one carrier. 
Complete your benefits package with:   •Dental
                                                        •Life Insurance
                                                        •Long-term and Short-term Disability
                                                        •Employee Assistance Programs

     We want to make it easier than ever for KFIA members to afford health benefits.   For a free quote, call Karen Hall with BB&T Insurance Services at 1-800-320-3889.