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Sept. 15 & 16, 2017
Masterson Station Park
3051 Leestown Road, Lexington KY 40511

Many events have been planned including: Forestry equipment sales and demonstrations, Chainsaw Carving Competition w/live auction, Collegiate Lumberjack Competitions (8 universities), Skidder & Knuckleboom contests, wood crafts, silent auction, make your own cutting board, and much more. 

CURIOUS? Come on out and see what it's all about.


      Friday - 9 am - 5pm

      Saturday - 8:30 - 4:30
 (Click on schedule for          ADMISSION:

  printable copy)                            Adults - $7.00

                                                   Ages 6-12 - $5.00

                                                   Under 6 - Free
                                             FREE PARKING

Upcoming Events
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Kentucky Forestry Economic Impact Report 2015

  Kentucky Forestry Economic Contribution Report 2016
       Click here to download the 2016 Impact Report

  Kentucky plays a pivotal role in providing forest products to the U.S. and beyond; the forestry  
  sector is a major economic force in the commonwealth. Estimates of the economic contribution and
  related 2016 statistics include:

   * $9 billion in direct economic contribution.
   * $14.4 billion in total economic contributions a 1% decrease over 2015.
   * 27,740 jobs in the forest industry and an estimated 60,225 jobs overall.
   * 722 facilities located in 110 of Kentucky's 120 counties, gaining 9 facilities since 2015.

Sawmills and secondary wood manufacturing were estimated to show increases in direct revenues in 2016; together they are responsible for $3.4 billion in direct revenues, an increase of over $500 million from 2015.

Sawlog production estimated at 746,000 board feet, down slightly compared to 2015, with growth still outpacing removals 2:1. Kentucky remains one of the leaders in hardwood sawlog production in the U.S.

Exports decreased slightly to $283 million, with barrels (new and used) and white oak lumber still the number 1 and 2 exports. Europe remains the top destination for our exports followed closely by Asia.

Hardwood sawlog delivered prices for most major species were mixed compared to 2015.

The closing of the Verso pulp and paper facility in Wickliffe resulted in a functional collapse of pulpwood markets in western KY which helps explain the decline of more than $20 million in the logging sector compared to 2015.



Kentucky Wood Expo
Sept. 15 & 16,
Masterson Station Park - Lexington, KY
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Kentucky Chapter Log A Load for Kids - forest industries
charity that benefits Kentucky Children's Hospital
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The Tree Farm Committee is now accepting nominations for Logger of the Year and Tree Farmer of the Year which is honored yearly at the KFIA Annual Meeting in the spring.  The first step in the process is to submit a completed application with information on the candidate and then the Tree Farm Committee reviews the applications and narrows the choice down to two to three candidates as finalists and then visits the operations and makes a final decision.

Nominations are being accepted until September 25 and will then be reviewed in October at the tree farm meeting and field visits will be set up with the finalists.  The winners will be determined at the Tree Farm Committee meeting in February, 2018.  These awards are an excellent way to honor those who do a good job in forestry related activities that often get little attention.  Nomination forms are available on the KFIA website at, under Recent News or contact the office with any questions.

Anyone is welcome to nominate either the Logger or Tree Farmer of the Year.  The Logger of the Year needs to operate in Kentucky and should not be on the Bad Actor list.  The Tree Farmer of the Year needs to manage forest land in Kentucky and be a member of the American Tree Farm System.  Certification in the Tree Farm System is available at no charge to all woodland owners who are actively managing their forestland. 




KFIA Mission Statement

MISSION STATEMENT: KFIA exists to preserve the traditions, markets and  influence of all the organizations benefiting from Kentucky’s forest resources.  KFIA promotes, protects, and enhances the welfare of the commonwealth’s forest products stakeholders.

VISION:  KFIA is “The Association” of the forest products industry, service providers and landowners that reside or conduct business in Kentucky.  KFIA is a necessary investment of the forest resource stakeholder because of the robust services and benefits provided by the association.

VALUES: Accountability & Responsibility: Members are expected to conduct their business using sound ethical practices and be good steward of Kentucky’s forest resources.

Improvement & Innovation: Support initiatives that lead to continued improvement and innovation.

Responsible Forestry: Preserve members’ freedom to shape their future and defend stakeholders from unnecessary regulation.                                   

Education: Pursue educational opportunities to improve the wellness of membership and effectively inform the general public.  

Contact the KFIA Staff:    

     Bob Bauer, Executive Director
     Michele Brewer, Administrative Assistant