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It's nearly that time of year again when a forest landowner's thoughts turn to one thing.  We aren't referring to cranberry sauce or Christmas decorations, but rather to the dreaded timber tax season. Fortunately, Dr. Linda Wang, Timber Tax Specialist with the USDA Forest Service, has once again prepared an annual list of timber tax tips for the season!

The tax tips provided in the bulletin is designed to help forest landowners, foresters and loggers in preparing 2017 tax returns.  The publication discusses types of timber property for tax purposes, expenses, timber sales and property taxes. 
A printable bulletin is available by clicking here to download.

New BMP Requirements

In the early part of 2017 new logging BMP minimum requirements will be in effect (click here for a copy of the requirements). The important changes to the minimum requirements are highlighted in the brochure “2017 Logging BMP Changes”. Click here or on the image for the brochure.

Please make copies and distribute as needed including providing links on appropriate websites. Kentucky Division of Foresty county rangers are also passing these brochures out during inspections. The completed Field Guide to Logging BMP Minimum Requirements is being printed and will be sent to all Kentucky Master Loggers the first part of 2017 and made available online.  KML CEC courses on the changes are also being planned for 2017.

KFIA Link - Monthly Newsletter EXPO EDITION (click to download)

This newsletter highlights the Kentucky Wood Expo (KWE) recently held September 15 & 16 in Lexington, KY.  MANY THANKS to all that volunteered time or who provided donations, equipment and supplies that make the KWE successful.


We will return in 2019!

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Kentucky Forestry Economic Impact Report 2016

  Kentucky Forestry Economic Contribution Report 2016
       Click here to download the 2016 Impact Report

  Kentucky plays a pivotal role in providing forest products to the U.S. and beyond; the forestry  
  sector is a major economic force in the commonwealth. Estimates of the economic contribution and
  related 2016 statistics include:

   * $9 billion in direct economic contribution.
   * $14.4 billion in total economic contributions a 1% decrease over 2015.
   * 27,740 jobs in the forest industry and an estimated 60,225 jobs overall.
   * 722 facilities located in 110 of Kentucky's 120 counties, gaining 9 facilities since 2015.

Sawmills and secondary wood manufacturing were estimated to show increases in direct revenues in 2016; together they are responsible for $3.4 billion in direct revenues, an increase of over $500 million from 2015.

Sawlog production estimated at 746,000 board feet, down slightly compared to 2015, with growth still outpacing removals 2:1. Kentucky remains one of the leaders in hardwood sawlog production in the U.S.

Exports decreased slightly to $283 million, with barrels (new and used) and white oak lumber still the number 1 and 2 exports. Europe remains the top destination for our exports followed closely by Asia.

Hardwood sawlog delivered prices for most major species were mixed compared to 2015.

The closing of the Verso pulp and paper facility in Wickliffe resulted in a functional collapse of pulpwood markets in western KY which helps explain the decline of more than $20 million in the logging sector compared to 2015.



Kentucky Wood Expo - the next Expo will be held in Sept. 20 & 21, 2019
Lexington, KY -  For more information - click on logo 

Kentucky Chapter Log A Load for Kids - forest industries charity that benefits Kentucky Children's Hospital
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The 32nd Kentucky Wood Expo took place in Lexington, KY on September 15 & 16 at Masterson Station Park.  This was our third show in Lexington and we had excellent attendance from the industry.  A big thanks goes out to the Parks and Recreation Department, for their assistance and cooperation during the week and the Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau along with the Lexington community for all their support for the show.  The Expo is conducted by the Kentucky Forest Industries Association to provide members an opportunity to see new technology and make purchasing decisions.

The weather was perfect Friday and Saturday which brought an estimated attendance of 2,500 visitors through the show from over several states.  The industry crowd was excellent with a number of exhibitors making contacts and selling equipment.  

This year’s Wood Expo was a success thanks to many of our members and partners throughout the forestry community.  The show featured a number of events that not only drew in additional attendees but also provided many educational benefits and additional things to do while at the show.  A huge thank you goes out to the University of Kentucky Forestry Department for all of their efforts to assist with conducting the lumberjack competitions, educational events and supplying much needed labor for the Show.  A shout out also needs to go to the Kentucky Division of Forestry for their support of the Wood Expo by helping with the set up and competitions in the arena.  The industry is lucky to have such excellent partners to support forestry and the wood industry in Kentucky.

In addition to the educational events the lumberjack arena had a full slate of activities between the FFA forestry competition and the Collegiate Conclave.  On Friday afternoon the show hosted a celebrity lumberjack competition between 4 person teams representing the Lexington Fire Department and Winchester Police Department.  The winning team came from the Lexington Fire Dept.

On Saturday the arena was busy with the college student competition with teams competing that represented the University of Kentucky, University of Tennessee, Alabama A&M Forestry Club, Michigan State, Southern Illinois, Ohio State Forestry Club and Haywood Community College.  After a full day of events including an axe throw, sawing and chopping the University of Tennessee (pictured) was declared the winner with the most points and took home the coveted trophy as the champions of the Wood Expo conclave events.

University of Kentucky Forestry Department had included several educational activities that took place in addition to the usual logger training.  A forest landowner webinar was attended by several along with many other educational opportunities backyard woods, utilizing and maintaining small acreage, small scale logging and how to cut and sell railroad ties.  Also the cutting board program was again a huge success giving away over 300 cutting boards to those in attendance that were willing to sit through a brief program.  The program explained the value of the wood industry to the state’s economy and then offered an opportunity to route, sand and finish an actual wood product.  All of these activities helped to make the show even bigger and better in Lexington. 

Music was provided from Honest Abe & the Liars from Salvisa, KY to those in attendance. 

The Chainsaw Carving Competition continued again this year with 5 carvers competing to design the perfect piece to submit to a live auction on Saturday.  The piece that raised the most money determined the winner of the competition who was Abby Peterson, Webster, KY whose carving brought a bid of $3,000 (pictured to left).  The money was a 50/50 split with Log a Load for Kids raising $2,575 for the Kentucky Children’s Hospital.  Special thanks to all of the carvers for putting on a great show to help the kids. 



KFIA Mission Statement

MISSION STATEMENT: KFIA exists to preserve the traditions, markets and  influence of all the organizations benefiting from Kentucky’s forest resources.  KFIA promotes, protects, and enhances the welfare of the commonwealth’s forest products stakeholders.

VISION:  KFIA is “The Association” of the forest products industry, service providers and landowners that reside or conduct business in Kentucky.  KFIA is a necessary investment of the forest resource stakeholder because of the robust services and benefits provided by the association.

VALUES: Accountability & Responsibility: Members are expected to conduct their business using sound ethical practices and be good steward of Kentucky’s forest resources.

Improvement & Innovation: Support initiatives that lead to continued improvement and innovation.

Responsible Forestry: Preserve members’ freedom to shape their future and defend stakeholders from unnecessary regulation.                                   

Education: Pursue educational opportunities to improve the wellness of membership and effectively inform the general public.  

Contact the KFIA Staff:    

     Bob Bauer, Executive Director
     Michele Brewer, Administrative Assistant